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the #1 Stray Kids podcast in the world

“This is a Stray Kids podcast.”




I’ll Make a Stay Out of You is a podcast created by our host Phil to celebrate, enjoy and share the success of the K-Pop group Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment) with his friend Tom. The show’s premise is to give Tom a chronological account of all things SKZ, eventually turning him into a STAY. Join them as they watch, listen, and discuss all things SKZ, from the pre-debut survival show, album releases, SK Talker, KINGDOM, SKZ Code, and MORE!

Don’t use Spotify or Apple Podcasts for your Podcast needs? We’re in other places too. Just search I’ll Make a Stay Out of You in your favorite app and start listening!

affiliates and sponsors

NERD FOCUS is an energy/focus drink that tastes unlike any other energy drink on the market. It gives you energy and helps you stay focused throughout the day. You don’t even have to be a nerd. It is actually Phil and Tom’s favorite energy drink. Make sure to use our affiliate link when ordering online!

friends and other shops

Cassie (Wistful Empire) is a resident STRAYABOO that has a shop full of cute things like pins, sticker, and yes, even STAY merch! She has also helped contribute content to the website and podcast. Give her some love and check out her shop!

RISKIT DESIGN is another cute shop that we highly recommend due to their excellent customer service, cute designs, and most importantly: SKZOO MERCH!

Mixtape Majesty is another resident STRAYABOO who hosts Bring Your Own Popcorn, an awesome podcast about movies and feelings. Head over to her page and give an episode a whirl. You are guaranteed to enjoy it or your money back!*

*it’s free